Web Copywriting Best Practices

Web copywriting used to be a well respected occupation. This has begun to change in the last several years as people have found ways to automate their so called unique content. This is being done through article spinning software.

Creating A Document Near-Duplicate

People who steal an article from another website and attempt to spin it into their own content are shady enough. What is worse than this is that many people are now running the stolen copy through article spinning programs to create ten, twenty, or even a hundred new versions of the content.

The first problem is that these myriads of new versions are nearly the same as the original one that they plagiarize.

Google has recently taken steps to address this problem. They have filed a patent for a document near-duplicate program. It will examine documents to see if they are similar enough and then penalize the rankings of those who use these documents in their content.

Readability Issues and Semantically Related Words

Another problem with the stolen new texts is that they are often difficult to read. This is because these article spinning factories do not really create intelligible articles by inserting synonyms for the words that they replace. Such synonyms may sound good isolated, but they often lead to articles that are nonsensical to read.

Google has also patented semantically related words. This program will help them to identify semantic units within search queries. It is supposed to lead to more accurate results by finding documents that contain these semantically related words.

Phrase Based Spinning Programs

Other spinning programs do more than simply change individual words. They endeavor to actually alter whole phrases of the content that they are copying. While this may lead to more original looking content, it often leads to content that makes little to no sense at all when it is read.

The SEO Metric That Encourage This Practice

The reason that many websites encourage the use of this article spinning service is because that they believe that their search engine optimisation will be improved. They feel that this will earn them a higher rating with the search engine majors.

There are actually encouraged in this belief by the advertising of some spinning services that claim the best way to boost search engine rankings is with syndicating articles to blogs.

Scraped Content Practice

Other webmasters are resorting to another poor web copywriting practice known as using scraped content. Scraped pages are those that do not add value for users. These pages come with numerous words but no real or unique content, and Google punishes them as well.

People Who are Hurt by the Rampant Spread of Content Spinning

Many people are hurt by the unchecked spread of content spinning that is going on nowadays. Web copywriters are the most obvious ones, as they can not compete with programs that crank out even a hundred versions of a text in minutes.

Web directories and everyone who uses them are also impacted, since the Internet is becoming clogged up with worthless, stolen, and badly spun copies everywhere a person looks.

What Constitutes Good Copywriting on the Web

Good copywriting for the web center around creating unique and original content for web pages. Content that is written this way should be user and search engine friendly.

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